Bearnie (/Bearniez – Bernadette Contini) is a singer, songwriter, producer and sound engineer. Born in Milan, Italy, to an Indonesian mother and Italian father, Alberto Contini, a music publisher, producer and frontman of cult Italian 80s metal band Bulldozer. Discovering a knack for production and sound engineering, Bearnie’s evolution continued at the SAE Institute in London, leading to various work as a live sound engineer and Tour Manager. Technically adept, she graduated with BSc Hon in Audio Production at the tender age of 19. She then moved back to Milan to build up a home studio and start her career as a producer and sound engineer. 
 “After years of studying audio production and acoustic engineering, Bearnie premiers her debut release, ‘Done,’ …drawing on influences from Soul, RnB, and Pop. ‘Done‘ is a moving commentary on self-reflection accompanied by BEARNIE’s emotive vocal delivery” – (Noctis Magazine, 2021)