The absence of vision prevents the evolution of any art form.
Imago is vision, the figurative image of a visceral need innate in man, movement, travel, transformation, dream. Imago’s music projects images and sound worlds related to dreams, where multiple dimensions coexist in one flow.
The dominant key to Imago’s sound is Underground Dub Techno, powerful riding rhythms that travel obstinate, chased by acidic and devious sequences, immersed in a vast timbral landscape seemingly random and hostile, where different sound entities are hidden, touching the boundaries of the suggestive.
The project was born from the union of two artists already present in different scenes of electronic dance and club music with a great experience of Underground and Rave culture combined with an endless passion for electronic sound, experimenting towards the future but aware of the past.
The Imago project was born in Rome, the European capital of Techno in the early nineties thanks to the pioneers, Leo Anibaldi, Lory D…. has brooded over the next twenty years, many generations of young artists and DJs linked to that current, from rave to club, and the Imago guys are no exception. Each of them, at different times and circumstances, has savored that dark world frame of a powerful and rebellious sound, immersed in the violent vibrancy of the club, experiencing perceptions and realities altered by that stubborn and hypnotic music. Dancing under the consoles of real techno shamans a deep connection is established between sound and soul, the night brings movement, therefore transformation, what are actually hours appear as eras and the endless pounding dj-sets have irreversibly entered their minds, minds that over time have come to take their music to different countries of Europe and the world, as solo artists in different spheres of the underground, but today together they reproduce precisely that historical sound, evolved and in line with the current demands of the “dance floor” while remaining consistent with the past musical past. With the project “Imago live” they perform with live instruments in experimental “live flow” with a strongly “old school” matrix, also using software systems of sound generation and control developed by them.
Imago is the imagination of two different musical and academic paths converging towards one artistic meridian.